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Left and above: Stills From the
short film "Dead Man's Bluff"
Click here to view "The League" directed by Kyle Higgins,
with Rick Cramer as Super Hero Union Boss Geoffrey Warner.
Right and above: Stills from "The League"
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Within a period of two months my Father and younger brother both passed away as a result of lung cancer induced
by cigarette smoking. They were preceded by my mother some years ago of the same cause. They all died untimely
deaths. If you smoke, STOP. Get Help if you must, but PLEASE don't become another victim of Tobacco.
On the Bridge with Director Jim Gillespie
filming the Miramax Feature "Venom" 2005
With Director Kyle Higgins on
the set of "The League"
You can usually find me at the beach on Sunday in the summer playing volleyball, working out  year
round at 0530 three days a week or finishing up a 17 mph average speed 25-30 mile bicycle
ride 2-3 times a week. I also show up at the infamous STAIRS in Santa Monica on a regular basis
Not a cop but I do play one on
TV every now and then
On the set of a Texas Instrument DLP
commercial at California Speedway in Fontana